ByCorps is the first PcP platform in Singapore which aims to connect People & SMEs. We set out to bring people together to promote a common goal: to add value to one another by connecting dots and through building a community of leaders, learners and influencers. We look forward to build an absolute culture of transparency and open-ness and adopting forward-looking approaches to ways of collaborations and long-term partnerships.

“With Learning, comes knowledge.

With knowledge, comes wisdom.

With wisdom, comes empowerment.

With empowerment, comes happiness.

With happiness, comes Life.

Let Learning Shape Your Life!”

– Ken, ByCorps


We specialise in Lunch’N’Learn initiative which aims to value-add, team-bond and increase productivity to our clients who come on board with us. We ought to connect deeper to the People we spend our most time with, our co-workers and the People whom we sit next to, everyday. We conduct complimentary workshops for Corporations and to the HRs, we sell time, literally, as we progress to be the leading partner of HR services in Wellness Programmes.


Through Lunch’N’Learn, our agenda is simple: We want learning to take place. It’s time to disconnect to connect and feel that human connection as our Subject-Matter Expert adopt Flipped-Classroom Learning approach to engage audiences. Gone were the days where presenters were boring and un-entertaining, let’s embrace new-age learning with TEDx presentation formats and style.


See you in your MOORSSALC!